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Florida Grappler's Association

Grappler Profiles

All grapplers depicted have signed a contrat renewable every 2 months.

    The Faces

  1. Scooter Jennings
    HT.=6ft 4 in WT.=250Lb Short Blond Hair Athletic Build with extra wide shoulders and upper body definition large arms and 6-pac abs. He wears a Crestview Bulldogs Singlet

    Hometown=Crestview Florida

    history=Trained with FGA Promoter and Owner George Lionheart

    Gimmick=He is a young man who has an impressive AU record as a Fla. Highschool Greco Roman Wrestler He is also an acomplished power weight lifter .

    Style=Scientific ,hold for hold and e can shoot fight when angered.

    finisher if any ::The scoot Pin a Fisherman's Suplex from the top Turnbuckle.

  2. 'Pistol' Pete Mackoy He is a country boy wearing overhauls and sneakers. he has a grey and white crewcut. He has a big belly,athletic arms and huge muscular legs.

    HT.= 6ft 4 WT.=270Lb

    Hometown=Leesburg Florida

    history=Pete has wrestled for several years

    Gimmick=He is a laid back country boy,smiles a lot.

    Style=He wrestles old school and by the book. he can jump high with his strong legs and he can be fast hence the Pistol moniker.

    finiher if any(Pistol Shot flying dropkick nailing his opponent's face with bot feet.

  3. Tiny Manchester He is a giant grappler. he is a black grappler. He wears a white t-shirt ,denim tights connected by yellow suspenders. He has big red boots.

    HT.=7 ft 1 WT.=455Lb

    Hometown=Melrose Florida

    history=talked into wretling for a living by his friends because of his tremendous size and strength. He suffers from Pituitary Gigantism and he is slow moving.

    Gimmick=He is the big equalizer and nobody has ever thrown him out of the ring.He is undefeated in battle royals.

    Style=big brawler with a few power moves though he is kind of clumbsy .

    finiher if any The Tiny Splash A Big Splash for the pin after a big boot to the face

  4. Recon Wears camoflauged military uniform with Military Airborne Jump Boots. His face is covered by an olive drab mask with a screaming eagle insignia across his forhead

    HT.=6ft 4 WT.=250Lb

    Hometown=Camp Blanding in Putnam County Florida

    history= Has wrestled in many ind feds the fans love him.

    Gimmick=A patriotic soldier

    Style=Martial Arts ,brawl wirth a little hgh flying acrobatics

    finisher if any :The Screaming Eagle(A missile dropkick to a huricanranna)

  5. Ben Crouch

    HT.=6 ft 1 WT.=210Lb

    Hometown=High Springs Florida

    history=He is a fan favorite he is a good worker at getting other talent over. He sells every move very well. he has won as many matches as he lost.

    Gimmick=A hard workin man a regular guy brave enough to step into the ring an take on the bad guys.

    Style=basic wrestling moves with some brawling

    finisher if any none he gets a pin every now and again

  6. The Black Blazer he ears a black body suit with yellow and orange embossed fire on his back and sides,black boots with orange fire spiraling down the sides from top to toes and black mask with horns sticking out the sides shaped like orange and yellow flames.

    HT.=6 ft WT.=200lb

    Hometown= Blazerville

    history=he has wowed the fans with his luchador style

    Gimmick=He is faster than anyone alive. He leaps higher than anyone alive.

    Style=High Flying ,Marial Arts and submission holds dare-devil.

    finiher if any(Black Flame a summersaulting leg drop from high off the top-turnbuckles you see he leaps up very high above the top turnbuckles.

  7. Clint The Hammer Hepah A very dark skinned Hawaiian with huge solid mucles . He wears blue and yellow knee length surfing shorts.He goes bear foot because his feet are tough as nails. He is bald headed with a pin striped mustache.

    HT.=6ft 10 WT.=325Lb

    Hometown=Makaha Hawaii

    history=He was a body building champion of the South Pacific for 8 years n a row.He put himself through Punaho College working as a bouncer.He moved too the Sunshine state to Teach Physical Ed at The University of Florida.He joined the FGA to grapple on the weekend so he can blow off steam.

    Gimmick=He is a big happy Hawaiian with tremendous strength and one of the hardest heads in the world.

    Style=Power ,high impact and brawling.

    finiher if any "Geeve Um Brudda"(A flying headbutt)

  8. Rowdy Roland Ribordy he has long wiry blond hair.He has long blond sideburns. He looks muscular evidence of bodybuilding. He has an uncanny resemblance to Darek Draper the 1960's body building sensation. He wears knee-length blue and yellow bagy surfing shorts.His boots are bright yellow.

    HT.=6ft 8 WT.=285lb

    Hometown=Makaha Hawaii

    history=Roland grew up in Hawaii .He was one of the few white kids in a classroom full of people of color. He grew up tough .In order to offset the stereo type of weak 'howlie'(caucasian) he built a reputation as a bad ass.He picked the biggest boy in his class at school and beat the heck ou of him in the lunch line. He studied martial arts and he was a body builder.As body builder he often competed against Clint The hammer throughout the Pacific. He joined the army reserves and was stationed at camp Blanding in North florida for 10 years.Once he was honorabley discharged he moved to gainesville to open up a Tai kwan Do dojo. He ran ino Clint and his family by hapinstance at a worship service at University United Methodist Church .Clint talked Roland into joining the FGA.

    Gimmick=he is a crazy unpredictable martial artist. think Mel Gibson in Lethal Weopon.

    Style=Martial Artist,submission holds and brawling

    finiher if any 'The dirt nap'(modified cobra sleeper body scizzor combo)


    The FGA Heels

  1. The Big Kahuna

    Florida Grappling Association Heavyweight Champion

    A stalky powerfully built bully.He wears long jet black hair and claims to be the Biggest dude in the sport. He wears blue camoflaged pants.He wears bright red loaded boots.he wears bright blue loaded elbow pads. He has tatoos of flming skull on each bicep. He wears sunglasses and multiple gold neclaces.

    HT.=6 ft 2 WT.=300lb

    Hometown=Sunset Beach Hawaii
    history=he wrestled in Ohio and kentucky then moved to rural Florida.

    Gimmick=he is arrogant and loves to make sure the fans know how much better he is than them. He is a sadistic heel wuith no scruples.

    Style=Dirty tricks,brawing and uses of foreign objects

    finiher if any :HE uses foreign pobjects to KO hs opponents.

  2. The Triad Warrior he wears black martial arts pants ,red boots. He has a huge green and red Dragon with golden fire running up the spine of his back tatoo. He wears a ninja mask to hide his face.

    HT.=6ft 2 WT.=230Lb

    Hometown=Somewhere in the 'Golden Triangle"Southeast Asia

    history=He is a mysterios heel.Uses a lot of smoke and likes to throw salt .

    Gimmick=he is supposed to be a criminal greedy to earn money and hurt what e calls 'weak Americans'

    Style=Martial Arts,Submission holds and dirty tricks

    finisher if any- Dragon Suplex

  3. Crybaby Jack Cannon he wears long trunks and shirt the same as his his alledged grandfather.He wears white boots. His face is fat and wrinkly with a sad bulldog like appearance. he has a crew cut .

    HT.=6 ft 3 WT.=450 Lb

    Hometown=Houston Texas

    history=he is the grandson of the legendary heel Crybaby George Cannon.

    Gimmick=he is a fat grappler with little tolerance to pain.He complains a lot to the ref likes to tell the fans to shut up. Has a temper tantrum when the fans chant Crybaby.

    Style=High impact ,dirty tricks

    finiher if any -Big splash

  4. Jose Morte Tall gaunt looking giant latino heel. Wears all black with a big yellow skull embossed on his black t-shirt. Black boots.Long black hair ,bushy black eyebrows and mustache.He has a long vertical scar extending down at an inward angle from the left side of his left eye to the left side of his bushy mustache.

    HT.=7 ft WT.=300Lb


    history=He played basketball . He got a scholarship to play B-ball in university of Miami . He and his family moved to North Florida and he signed up with FGA to make a few extra bucks.

    Gimmick=he claims to be a South American Giant back from the dead.He hates Tiny Manchester ,he vows to destroy him.

    Style=A lot of kicking and knee lifts and diry tricks

    finisher if any- big boot to the throat.

  5. The Green Goose He wears body length wrestling get covered in green dyed goose feathers. His boots resemble webbed feet of a goose with wide appendeges that are sharp.He wears a Howard The Duck style mask dyed green. he is weird to say the least.

    HT.=6ft 5 WT.=248Lb

    Hometown=Swan Lake

    history=mysterious past

    Gimmick=he considers himself the guardian of goosedom. He vows to bring glory to his flock QUACK,QUACK QUACK!!!

    Style=a lot of clotheslines,martial arts ,his kicks can draw blood from the toe appendeges on hiw webbed feet-boots.

    finiher if any Rolling wing whoop(4 rolling ddts to a pin)

  6. Jack Jolson Double Impact Tall and Muscular wears blue shorts & blue boots. His hair is a flat top state trooper style crew-cut. Identical twin can't tell Jack from Jeff.

    HT.6 ft10 = WT.=295Lb

    Hometown=North Florida

    History=wrestled as a tag team with his identical twin brother for many years as a fan favorite team .Double Impact wrestled throughout the southeastern USA.

    Gimmick=He is an identical twin

    Style=Power ,brawling & dirty tricks double-teaming & distracting the ref

    finisher if any:Double Trouble Spiked Piledriver after a double ddt.

  7. Jeff Jolson Double Impact Tall and Muscular wears blue shorts & blue boots. His hair is a flat top state trooper style crew-cut. Identical twin can't tell Jack from Jeff.

    HT.6 ft10 = WT.=295Lb

    Hometown=North Florida

    history=wrestled as a tag team with his identical twin brother for many years as a fan favorite team .Double Impact wrestled throughout the southeastern USA.

    Gimmick=He is an identical twin

    Style=Power ,brawling & dirty tricks double-teaming & distracting the ref

    finisher if any :Double Trouble Spiked Piledriver after a double ddt.

    In negotiations with

  1. Double J Jeff Jerrett

    HT.=6 ft 5 WT.=245Lb

    Hometown=Nashville Tennessee

    history=major heel in NWA & WCW

    Gimmick=Arrogant Country & Western

    Style=fast paced dirty tricks and submission holds

    finisher if any"Clobber opponent with Guitar"

  2. Sting

    HT.=6 ft6 WT.=270Lb

    Hometown=Venice Beach California

    history=major face his whole career in WCW held WCW World Title many different times

    Gimmick=A tough competitor loved by the fans and he is a born-again Christian:-)

    Style=Power,High Impact & Submission hold

    finisher if any :Two -Scorpion deathlock & The Scorpion drop inverted ddt.

  3. attempting to contact the following faces:

    Jeff Coyote,

    Rock Solid Kit ,

    Avi Shekel and

    The Midwest Tornado

  4. attempting to contact the following heels: The Grim Ripper

    ,Roadkill Ralph,

    The Standard Poodle,

    Keng The Maoist Chan and


DISCAIMER:The Florida Grappler's Association is a fantasy roleplay e-fed which I made up .It is imaginary.