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Volume 57 Number 11 ,Feb 2005 pg 12 & 13

Christ For The Nations Minsistries was founded in 1948 by the late Rev . Gordon Lidsay CFNI is a non-denominational charismatic ministry that

Why Pray

According to Michael Ireland in Assist News service ,the Marines turned to God ahead of the anticipated Fallujah battle.

Some '35 Marines swayed to Christian Rock music and asked Jesus Christ to protect them.....

says a report circulated by the French news agency,Agence France Presse.....

'You are the Sovereign.Your name is holy.Yo are the pure,spotless lamb,'a feale voice cried out on loud- speakers as the marines clapped their hands and closed their eyes,reflecting on what they had ahead of them.

AFP said the military, with many soldiers coming from the conservative south and Midwest,has deep Cristian roots.....'It's always comforting.Church attendance is allways up before the big push,' said First Sergeant Miles Thatford.

'Sometimes, all you've got is God.'.....

Their chaplain,named Horne,told the worshippers