1. Pastor Rob Doran founder of the Global Prayer Family e-mail prayer group

  2. Mary Allred Associate Prayer Coordinator for the Global Prayer family


mail your prayer concerns

    We had a message board to post prayer concerns.Because it was open to anyone anywhere there were abusive posts,spam posts and very vulgar posts!The message board host is also no longer in service. Therefore I had no choice but to remove the link to the message board and replace it with an e-mail link . Therefore when you e-mail your prayer concerns they will be shared with and prayed over by the Global Prayer family. Here are a few rules to follow when you e-mail a prayer concern or a joy of answered prayer.
  1. Confidentiality is good, last names only and do not worry,God knows who they are and God loves them dearly.
  2. This is not for gossip or exposing another person's sin.The devil is the accuser of the brethren not us.
  3. E-mail spam in the guise of a prayer concern and I will delete it.
      Remember We in the Global Prayer family are Christians of different denominations and from different countries in our world.
    • Let us not bad mouth any Christian denomination.
    • Also remember God is international,Jesus died for everyone around the world therefore let us not bad mouth any country in our world.

    Methodist Connections

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  • Florida conference of the United methodist Church


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  • If you would like a wonderful internet e-mail ministry join the Global Prayer Family

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      Bible Schools

  • Bethlehem Bible College

  • Christ For The Nations Institute,I earned my AA in Practical Theology degree there


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    Ravi Zacharias-Christian Apologetics

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  • Jesus Film - In Many Different Languages has reached thousands for Christ.


    Pastor Rob's Favorite Music

    Randy Stonehill
    Randy Stonehill is one of the founders of Gospel Rock and Roll along with Larry Norman
    Larry Norman's web Machine
    The "father "of christian rock n roll
    Rez Hot licks
    RezBand originally Ressurection Band in the late 70's,one of the original Gospel Metal bands
    Carman's website
    One of the most versatile Gospel recording artists
    The 2nd Chapter of Acts from 1974
    A great gospel band from California they made the original Easter Song
    The late great Keith Green
    this is a site where you can click on mp3 music links of keith Green's Music and it has a link to his minisrtry legacy